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Indo American Montessori Pre School  is an  education based on montessori system that has been set up with a drive to change the way early years of a child are dealt with. It is a world-class institution dedicated to improving the early education system, which also means raising kids to become more capable professionals, and human beings with better values. we work towards an education system that is a combination of Indian & American

Director Message

Children have always fascinated me. I have always been in awe of the thousand potential and the powerful glow I see on their face. However, watching them failing to realize their potential generation after generation, I realized that there’s perhaps a structure issue with our education system itself.


The Montessori education system, named after the Italian physicist Maria Montessori, rests on the belief that education is preparation for life, not just a pursuit of academic excellence and development of intellectual skills.

This method aims to capitalize on the fact that the early years are the formative years of children where they not just see the world in amazement, but start engaging and interacting with it. During these years, it’s important to give them an environment that fosters creativity and helps them overcome inhibitions and learn by exploring, making.


Indoor Play Activities

A good Montessori primary classroom creates conditions that allow children to manifest their natural developmental propensities. With a prepared environment and freedom to act within it according to their inner needs, individual rhythm and tempo, children exhibit characteristics not generally attributed to them.



IAMPS is equipped with the best of personnel, technology, infrastructure, and the right ‘intention’ to ensure that all-important years of our young ones are spent learning the ways of the world in the most natural and fun ways. IAMPS differs from the Pre-schools mushrooming across the country, as it is set up with a view on changing the face of pre-nursery education in India. Therefore, the focus here is not on maximizing the number of schools or number of children, but on the quality of experience every child gets at IAMPS



Play activities are essential to healthy development for children and adolescents. Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth. The activities engaged in by children both stimulate and influence the pattern of the connections made between the nerve cells. This process influences the development of fine and gross motor skills, language, socialization, personal awareness, emotional well-being, creativity, problem solving and learning ability.


“OUTSTANDING” Voted  by  local education authority

Our Results Speak For Themselves!

Well-designed Indo-American Montessori Pre School education programs produces long-term improvements in child and provides holistic development including higher achievement test scores, lower rates of grade repetition and special education, and higher educational attainment.


Our Programme & Classes

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Parents Speak

Leena Goyal

It was a pleasure seeing my children Moksha Goyal developing and progressing in school. It is heart-warming to know that the school cares for the children.

Vijnish Gupta

I am impressed by the overall setting and design of IAMPS SIRSA centres, which I find provide a nurturing environment for children to learn and interact with one another.

Piyush Garg

We thank you for taking good care of our daughter, DrishtiGarg, during her stay at IAMPS AGRA .DrishtiGarg is now more disciplined, confident and chatty.

Geetika Jain

I would like to express my appreciation and extend my thanks to the teachers for their efforts spent on my kids during their time at the centre.

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