A child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development from birth to three—producing 700 new neural connections every second.

The development of the brain is influenced by many factors, including a child’s relationships, experiences and environment.


Midbrain is a area in a brain which mainly serves as the relay centre for the various activities like auditory, visual and motor systems. Thus, the Midbrain Activation method is in fact a process to the Midbrain Activation, which focuses on improvement of a child’s learning capability and improves his perception in visual, auditory and various other ways.

Mid brain activation :

There are Tech’s Exclusive Midbrain Activation Training Programs which are focused on the super speed learning of a child. There are several ways for the Midbrain training, which overall increases the learning power of a child and will help him in the transformation as the super kid leaving behind all the other kids of the same age.

Mid-Brain Activation Training is a technique that is used to activate the ‘Mid-Brain’. The purpose is to unleash the child potential through the activation of ‘Mid-Brain’.

‘Mid-Brain’ is the bridge for linking up and balancing the functions of the left and right brain. Activating it would allow both left and right brain to be used simultaneously.

It may also be called “Blind Fold Reading”, or “Blind Fold Study”, or “Blind Fold Viewing” etc., because the participants are blind folded during the workshop.


In IAMPS our vision is to beark away from the traditional education system and making more concerned with WHAT rather than HOW

In IAMPS the mid brain development is done by various workshops  “Mid Brain Activation Programs” herein children play games, dance, play puzzles, does brain gym exercise and a lot of things are being practiced.

During these workshop scientifically with these activities we human possess a pineal gland which is located in the vertebrate brain which secretes two hormones melatonin and serotonin. The secretion of melatonin increases in the dark and decreases when it is bright. Serotonin is said to be very closely related to the evolution of species and has the capacity to increase the intelligence of the right brain. Since the midbrain is responsible for communication with the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the process of “activating” the midbrain will result in better communication with the left and right hemispheres.

The process of “activating  the midbrain”  allows  IAMPS students  to use their  brain more efficiently, hence the improvement in cognitive abilities.

Another interesting effect of midbrain activation that it allows our children to sense the visual properties of objects without actually seeing them with their eyes (blindfolded).
The Midbrain Activation workshop in IAMPS is fun and it stimulates and motivates our children’s mind to achieve:.

The benefits of mid brain in IAMPS

  • It improves memory power
  • It Balances the use of conscious and sub-conscious mind
  • It teaches child stress management.
  • It enhances concentration power.
  • It increases self-esteem and confidence.
  • It articulates thinking style and sharpens the  mind of a child.
  • It balances the left and right brain functions.
  • It Enhance the absorption capacity of the memory
  • It enhances the ability of self-confidence and focus
  • It enhances the creation, planning and imagination of a child.
  • It gives emotional stability force to a child.
  • It makes a child in remarkable state of learning

Mid Brain Activation is a proven mind development program based on scientific approach and motivational-teaching method.