Pollution being a serious concern all over the globe has become an imperative issue that needs to be taken into notice, 92% of the world’s population lives in areas with unhealthy air.

According to the State of Global Air 2017 report, released in Boston India accounts for the highest number of premature deaths due to ozone pollution.

As worsens, its inhabitants are breathing in PM 2.5 levels – referenced for the tiny particulate matter – 2.5 micrometer – in the air. It’s like sucking tiny shards of fine dust-like glass into your lungs.

This is 10 times higher than the safety limit prescribed by the WHO, and four times higher than the Indian safety limit.

As an organization IAMPS, the  prime focus is on the children, believes to create an environment free from the pollutants drilling the human bodies every day.

IAMPS believes in subtle and effective measures required for the comfort and security of its children.

IAMPS uses a combination of mechanical and organic filtration techniques; Breathe Easy creates solutions for the areas, helping them to improve indoor & outdoor air quality and as an offshoot, creating energy efficiency.

Problematic indoor air can cause health problems among students and staff, which, in turn, can lead to absenteeism and decreased productivity.

Children take in more air relative to their body weight than adults. Therefore, if exposed to unhealthy indoor air, children are more susceptible to suffering from headaches, fatigue, and dizziness.

Eye, nose, throat, and skin irritation can also result, as well as more severe health concerns in their pulmonary, cardiovascular, and nervous systems.

The reason IAMPS classrooms are the Breathe Easy classrooms, as  our focus  shall be planting some special plants inside and outside the campus to filter the interiors from chemicals and pollutants present in the air.

These plants are scientifically proven to filter the environment by absorbing the pollutants of the surrounding. These plants would be placed all over the school premises and inside the classrooms so that the children breathe easy and stay healthy.

Not only can plants clean the air, they can create a more relaxing, restful ambience in the classrooms.

Some of the best plants that purify air and ease stress ,used in IAMPS campus  are:

  • The Rubber Plant (grows quickly in dark, cool environments and doesn’t need a lot of direct sunlight) can be best used in classrooms.
  • Aloe Vera (it stays small if you put it in a smaller pot, but grows much larger if you put it in a larger one) can be planted in small areas like inside the classrooms, corridors or even in the open spaces.
  • The Peace Lily (likes cooler temperatures and not overly bright places).
  • The Snake Plant (doesn’t require much light or water to thrive).
  • English Ivy (likes part sun and part shade, occasional watering).
  • Dracaena (tolerates low light and low humidity), and
  • Golden Pathos .

In IAMPS plantation is a prime concern of focus so plantation is the core activity for the curriculum and every year a tree is being assigned to every child to take care for the following year, other than making the environment clean this activity makes the child to have love the Mother Nature, make them responsible for nature, let them know how nature is useful for the human life.

  • “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.”