With the mixing of pollutants into the environment causing pollution has become a major concern for the people of worldwide. The humans have vastly disturbed the life supporting system of the world by overusing, misusing and mismanaging the resources to meet their greed. Being parents it becomes a matter of foremost interest and responsibility to provide a healthy environment to our children.

Our surrounding is a natural world and that helps to protect us from the harmful calamities. It becomes our mere duty to teach our kids to save and protect the environment they are living in. Polluted air can cause health issues among children hence being a responsible organization Indo-American Montessori Preschool believes in providing comfort and security to the children. IAMPS ensures to create solutions for improving the indoor and outdoor for air quality using mechanical and organic filtration measures.

Our Breathe Easy concept focuses on children and staff health and hence we are planting special plants in the school premises. Children when exposed to unhealthy and unprotected environment they are more tend to suffer from headaches dizziness, chronic cold and skin irritation which result in absenteeism and decreases the immunity and productivity of a child. The Breathe Easy classrooms filter the chemicals and pollutants drilling the people every day.

The major impact of increasing in the pollution has resulted in Global warming, due to which atmospheric issues have risen up all over the globe. Deforestation is majorly responsible for increase in the level of carbon dioxide. The increasing level of carbon dioxide has trapped the heat and the made the earth surface hot day by day. Breathe Easy concept is to achieve a pure environment for students. These Breathe Easy classrooms facilitates a pure environment with a high level of oxygen which helps increase in blood flow and cools down the temperature of rooms.

These scientifically proven filtering plants not only clean the air but also creates stress free and positive ambience in the campus. The plants we use are:-

1) Rubber plant – They are houseplants with large leaves planted to absorb contaminants in air and convert it to oxygen. These plants grow well in dim light and hence, they are suitable for indoors.
2) Aloe Vera – It is popularly known for its medicinal uses like hair gain, skin remedy, fevers, cancers etc. but it has a quality to purify air as well.
3) Peace Lilly – Peace Lilly is considered to be favourite houseplant by many and is found to be an effective indoor plant for purifying air.
4) Dracaena – Dracaena can grow in low light. It emits high oxygen and filters air by extracting pollutants from air.

5) Money Plant – one of the most common plants found in every house. It is the best plant to purify air and is usually advised to keep them along the sharp corners to reduce stress and bring in positive energy.
6) Purple Waffle Plant- it is amongst the low maintained plants and most recommended plants as it is non toxic and is excellent for child’s garden.
7) Areca Palm – these plants helps in restoring the moisture during winters and removes the chemicals present in the rooms with carpet flooring.