Early childhood education is used to describe the various educational programs served to the children of preschool. This early childhood education concept consists of many educational and instructional activities which facilitate a child’s learning and aid for them in cognitive and social development of the preschoolers. Early Childhood Education program at Indo American Montessori Pre School is specifically designed for the preschoolers. As at this age your child has the highest potential to learn new things it is the right age to indulge your child in a preschool for his overall development. These early childhood programs offer a range of benefit to your child in improving language, developing motor skills and cognitive skills.

Early childhood education benefits young children for their smooth transition into primary school. It also helps the child to have a positive approach and give them a perfect start towards bright future. Researches have shown that the brain development happens mostly in early years. As the children are most inquisitive and have the power to soak abundance of knowledge it becomes essential for them. We recognize the highest potentials of your child and allow them to improve their languages, motor, sensory and ognitive skills. A quality education not only leads a healthy mind but also develops socio-emotional and cultural behaviour.

Indo American Montessori Pre School provides a quality Early Childhood Education program to the students that benefit them in socio-emotional development and health as well. We believe that every experience is a learning opportunity for the child. Preschoolers learn from what they do, see, hear smell feel and taste and the best way to teach them is by letting them interact with their peers, giving the right environment and encourage them to learn. IAMPS allows the children to acquire vital skills that in result allow the child to express his/her ideas, make friends, cooperate and listen to others.

The students at our preschool are provided with a curriculum that prepares them to lead a better life by building a strong foundation and helping them in physical, mental, environmental, and social development. We ensure that our students receive a quality education that makes them more confident and curious to explore the world.