El Chico

Age Group:    3-4 Years

Duration:     4 hours per day

Promoting the children from El Vivero to El Chico, the bar will be raised a little. Keeping in mind the age group of 3 years to 4 years, the duration and syllabus will be upgraded accordingly.

Key Areas in El Chico Curriculum

  • Expression through art and drama
  • Subject based concepts
  • Language skill development
  • Math and number skill development
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Engagement based activities



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Activities Involved

  • Sensory time
  • Story time
  • Creative time
  • Art & Craft class
  • Water play
  • E-learning class
  • Gym time
  • Sand play
  • Splash pool time
  • Field trips
  • Puppet shows and skits
  • Library time
  • Celebration of festivals