IAMPS is an American education structured pre-school and play school in India. It is a world class institution following Indian Socio-cultural value based system in pre- school. IAMPS always look out for alliance with good business partners nationwide for improving the pre-school education system. IAMPS implements all the tools and techniques of ‘Maria Montessori Philosophy’ to an innovative Montessori pre-school that makes it stand out from other play schools. We propose the investment in right direction with futuristic vision and offers a well investigated and well researched customized scientific curriculum for pre-school.

Franchise @ IAMPS

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  • The franchisee should have minimum 2000 – 3000 sq.ft carpet area in a residential location in the city.
  • One time initial investment will be in the range of INR 12-20+Lac depending on the city,town,etc. this is inclusive of brand fee, school renovation cost, furniture fixture, marketing and promotion, inauguration as well as taxes as applicable.
  • Please also note that the initial investment is dependent on the model of the Pre-School and could vary based on location and other factors.
  • Please speak to our business development representative on 01145096209 / 9205189661.

Layers of Support 

IAMPS provides a strong support system to all its franchise partners.

  • Interior Support
    Site survey, site visit, interior support, interior manuals,etc.
  • Marketing Support
    Pre-launch,launch & post launch marketing assistance.
  • Recruitment Support
    Teachers, counsellors, centre head & other staff .
  • Training Support
    For teachers, counsellors as well as for partners .
  • Inaugural Support
    Invitations, press release, hosting inaugural ceremony .
  • Regular Assistance Support
    Daily feedback, departmental specific aids, progress reports, resolving issues, training updates and much more..

What Franchisees Say

Ranjan Mishra

When I first decided to open a pre-school, the first thoughts to strike me were – where to start? Who will help me to get the best franchise? How much moneydo I have to invest? Is ita right decision?Who would help me to make this idea a reality? I washighly confused and started searching franchise options on the internet. I came across many and Indo American Montessori Pre School (IAMPS) was one among all offering franchise opportunity.

Priya Singh

I am always happy when I am around toddlers. I eagerly wanted to do something which will keep me around them, and consequently, I decided to open a preschool. I believe that every child has a unique capability and if we focus on their rearing stage, we will make them more capable. I found that this kind of developmental education is followed by IAMPS.

Deepmala Rajawat

I am very happy to open the preschool of this concept where the main focus is development of the children. The Management Team is very supportive not only in opening the franchise but also in helping and giving guidance to make IAMPS the best school. As we have a long journey ahead, I hope we will run the school smoothly

Devendra Pratap

Now, I see many improved qualities easily inculcated by the children because of the various arenas through which they get practical knowledge. I think this is revolutionary approach for 360 degree development of a child. Teachers are also getting more practical approach and knowledge, and so I must say that overall, it is a good experience.

1. Why Franchise?

Franchise can be a life-changing experience. There are many reasons why you should fulfill your dream of becoming your own boss and open a franchise. The following reasons to buy a franchise will help you to understand why it will be a great investment.

  • Turnkey Business
  • Proven System in Place
  • Higher Likelihood for Success
  • Corporate Image and Brand Awareness
  • Easier to Obtain Financing
  • Training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Marketing

2. Why do we need a curriculum for preschool?

It has been identified that the early years from 18 months to 5 yrs are one of the most important time for brain development and learning in a child. It has been proven by experts world over repeatedly that the capacity for a child to absorb concepts and learning is the highest during these years of a human being’s life. So, it is very necessary to identify areas of development that need to be focused on during these years of the child’s development.

3. How can IAMPS help me to establish a school?

IAMPS help you in many ways to open a school are as follows:-  


  • Provides Brand name.
  • Provides Architectural Support.
  • Provides Fee structure.
  • Helps in finding Staff.
  • Helps in Recruitment.
  • Conduct Training.
  • Helps in Inauguration.
  • Books & Curriculum Support.
  • Furniture & Fixture Support.
  • Marketing Support.
  • National level Marketing.
  • Day to day activity Support.

4. Is it a traditional classroom concept?

The methodology is to have a classroom and a Lab know as Montessori Lab for Practical training developing 360 degree aspect of a child and in five parts namely EPL related to his practical life training, Sensorial focusing development of sense for his/her better understanding, Arithmetic for his logical thinking development, cultural for developing his understanding with different aspects and respect for the community and language. In lab the materials are arranged in such a way such that children will work with the materials and while doing so learn and develop various skills at their own pace.

5. What is the area required to open IAMPS?

The area required minimum of 2500sqft -3000sqft of built-up area and as the number of students goes up, the area requirement will increase though not necessarily proportionally.


6. How many of each variety of material is provided with the kit?

Most of the educational materials as part of the kit are 1 in number as part of the package except items such as chowkis, sitting mats, working mats, chairs and so on which we provide more than one as per the requirement of the classroom.

7. What would be the costs? What would be included in the costs?

The costs of the preschool solution range Rs. 10 lakhs to 15 lakhs which include franchisee fee and other establishment cost required for the school ambience setup.

8. How will IAMPS help in marketing our school to get admissions?

IAMPS is focused to build a successful preschool brand. Our services range,designing your pamphlets, brochures, templates for every form required to providing you a marketing manual on how to market your school as well as talking to parents effectively to garner admissions.

9. What do I need from my side to set up the school?

We require the following as a necessity to set up a preschool:

  • Passion to work with children
  • Physical Infrastructure in terms of building and place to run the preschool

10. How do I get teachers? How do I train them?

IAMPS will provide you inputs on how and where you can recruit your teachers. We will also provide you inputs on how to interview teachers and what to look for in them. We will also interview teachers for their final rounds before recruitment (maximum of 4) to ensure you get the right person for the job.

11. Are there any government regulations / accreditations that are required for a preschool?

Different states have different rules with respect to registration for preschools. We advise customers to do the necessary checks in their area with the local government offices before proceeding with the project as rules keep changing from place to place and time to time.

12. Does this model work in a non-Metro area?

The package was developed with focus on semi-urban areas, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. All these places usually have a high demand for quality education.

13. How will the curriculum be updated?

IAMPS will regularly update the curriculum by introducing new materials along with training videos and evaluation strategies which the customers could upgrade to. Also, we will be providing regular activities through our curriculum software which can be adopted by teachers to apply in the environment.

14. How we are different from other franchisee?

IAMPS is one of the fast growing organization with a vision to impart quality education, with practical learning to make child independent .We are different from other in many ways.

  • Strong Support System
  • Advanced Curriculum
  • Advanced Technology
  • Regional Office’s
  • Day to day Support
  • Online videos
  • Online chatting