At the time of choosing the school, it is essential for parents to know that they’re making the best decision and selecting the right school for their child. Hoping from one school to another and collecting the brochures will only create confusion in the mind and make it hard to distinguish between the schools. To help you in making the right choice for your child, we are here to help you with some searching questions you might want to ask and inquire about. These questions will help you get the apt knowledge and replies from the school and you’ll be able to use them as a point of comparison once you’ve been to see the school on your shortlist.

  • How are you different from other pre-schools?

It may sound a challenging question, but when you’re assessing the schools’ suitability for your child there is nothing wrong in asking some scrutinizing questions. The concept, quality of education and environment of the school not only makes the preschool stand out from the crowd but also is a good way to differentiate between the schools using their unique attributes.

  • What is the philosophy or vision of the school?

It is important to know what a school’s mission and vision is. It helps to find out how the school’s philosophy is being implemented and practiced. The school’s vision is what gets translated into teaching, curriculum and student life.

  • How skilled and qualified are the teachers?

A teacher is the one who shapes the future and makes students successful in life through his/her knowledge, love and care. Many parents ignore the fact that a teacher is the one who will mould the child and don’t enquire about the teachers. If we think deeply, it is necessary to know the experience and qualification of teachers. You can ask the schools that whether the teachers are undergoing any periodic professional training to keep themselves abreast of the educational development.

  • What values do you instill in the students?

Questioning the preschool on its values will give you an idea of what the culture is likely to be followed and you’ll be aware of the values you believe they are being taught or not. You can ask how the school is instilling your pupils with moral values and aesthetics of society.

  • What extra-curricular activity does your preschool offer?

When we talk about the overall development of a child we not only consider the learning power of a child rather we look upon their social, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional development as well. For all these development we need extra-curricular activities. Learning not only happens in the classroom or inside the textbooks. Activities like singing, dancing, role play and sports also play important role in the development of a child.

We believe in providing all the facilities to the preschoolers and proving to be the best preschool for your child. Hope that the blog will prove helpful for you in finding a suitable preschool for your child.