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Whenever we look at a child we forget our worries and start to think about our childhood. As the toddler grows and enters into students’ life the daily routine becomes hectic, for which a recreation is much needed and can be attained through sports and games. Sports are given much importance from the ancient era. If we look into the history, we will find numerous sports that still exist. The introduction of video games, television etc. have made the children lethargic due to which diseases like obesity, arthritis and diabetes are increasing. Playing games and sports not only helps in uplifting the mood but also strengthen the immune system, enhance and maintain physical strength and mental power.

The benefits of sport are not limited to physical and mental growth, but also help to develop life skills like team spirit, leadership, discipline and confidence. In this article, we will talk about the importance of sports and games in early childhood.

Team Spirit

Sports teach us teamwork and unity. While playing games like Cricket or Basket Ball the students learns how to play in and with a team. Playing in a team develops a sense of team spirit which later helps her/him to adjust well to work culture.


From the very beginning, we as parents start teaching discipline to our child. Discipline helps to make an individual capable of balancing work pressure effortlessly. Sports teach us to follow the rule and how effectively and constructively one can use time. Instead of wasting the time in watching television or playing video games, the spare time can be utilized to play sports and increase stamina.


Confidence is everything in today’s world. Sports build and boost self-confidence in the child. Many studies also say that students who are actively taking part in sports are more confident than the ones focusing only on studies. Sports also help in improving the self-confidence level of children who are not good in academics.

Decision Making

A sports person needs to make quick decisions depending on the situation in the game. It brings in leadership quality that helps the child in making a wise decision at every point in life.

Whenever a discussion like this comes out, Indo-American Montessori Preschool is the first to cross one’s mind. They know the importance of sports and outdoor activities in a student’s life. IAMPS offers a well-equipped environment for the preschoolers to learn new things and grow. The preschool is having kindergym, creative arena, tot’s odeum, mini-opera, kiddie pool, fairyland etc. which helps to make the preschoolers active to unfold their wings.