A school is a temple of learning for students where students learn and empower themselves with wisdom. An ideal school helps the child to grow in the right direction by providing them caring and captivating ambience. IAMPS believes in this ideology and provides a pleasant, healthy, adaptable and growth-oriented environment to the students.

Montessori Studio

The Montessori studio at IAMPS is equipped with puzzles, dressing frames and many Montessori apparatus that enables a child to learn and be familiar with experiences of practical life, sensory, language and arithmetic. As the children learn by observing, these tools and equipments help them to learn by doing themselves.

Creativity Arena

Every child is born as a creative thinker. Creativity Arena is the space where the child is set free to explore and discover their creativity. The children experiment and express their imagination with the help of colours, textures and many other objects which help in the development of cognitive skills creating interest in learning.

Common Corner

The room is designed to create opportunities and foster development of mental, physical, emotional and social abilities of a child. The primary objective of this room is to allow the children inculcate good habits and social etiquettes.

Tot’s Odeum

The child learns more easily by visually seeing and performing things than just merely listening to it. The room provides a platform to all the students to present their hidden talents by evoking potentials in young children. The IAMPS students express their dramatic, dancing and singing talent on the stage especially created to provide stage exposure, building confidence and self-esteem. Dance helps the child to coordinate and give structure to their movements, resulting in gross motor development. By singing and storytelling the child develops and strengthens their communication and language skills. Such co-curricular activities make the children active, positive and give a sense of rhythm.

Puppet Play Corner

Puppets are the fascinating thing to draw a child’s attention hence they also become an essential tool for teaching. The puppet play corner at IAMPS allows the preschoolers to observe, learn and retain that enhances communication and listening skills of a child. Puppets act as an effective tool for teaching the concept like good habits, moral values and social skills.


“A healthy mind stays in a healthy body” The concept of kindergym is not to make the child a wrestler but to develop the concept of health and fitness in his/her mind. The concept of kindergym also helps in gross motor development. IAMPS has equipments like treadmill, double twister, power rider, scooty, stepper and fitness cycle in their kindergym.

Mini Café

This is the right age to teach the child about basic manners and etiquettes. In IAMPS’s mini cafe the students learn table etiquettes and inculcate healthy food habits. Here the students not only learn table manners but also learn to value food and sharing habits.

Kiddie Pool

The kiddie pool fosters motor and creative development in the child. It eliminates the water phobia and develops agility and alertness in the preschoolers. Drenched in water, dressed in colourful swimming costume and beating the heat the tiny tot’s sense the best time with their friends.

Ball Pool

As the name says it is filled with colourful balls. The ball pool helps in gross motor development of a child. It elevates the concept of colour, size and shape which leads to cognitive development of a child.