• Montessori Studio:
The Montessori teaching style requires special tools and equipment to help the children learn by observing. The Montessori studio is well equipped with the special teaching tools and equipment which are available for students use.
• Creativity Arena:
Art and craft is not just another fun activity, it is important for developing child’s creativity at play school level. Playing with colours, textures and putting the objects together to make something unique helps the child’s overall development. Creative arena is the best place to enhance child’s creativity and develop interest in learning.
•Common Corner:
Common corner is where friendship blossoms. The primary objective of this room is to allow the children space and time to interact, share and socialize with each other. The room is designed to create opportunities for kid to inculcate good habits and social etiquettes.
•Tot’s Odeum:
There is an actor in every child. Pre-school is the best place to develop confidence and self-esteem in the child. Tot’s odeum is a place for the child to act and react, to learn and accept mistakes, to establish problem solving skills and social skills.
•Mini Opera:
The mini opera is a room which introduces the children to the world of dancing and singing. Such recreational activities make the children active, positive and give them a sense of rhythm. Co-ordination while dancing helps the child giving structure to their movements.
• Smart centre
Matching the steps with the present tech-savvy generation, it has become crucial to keep the children updated with the latest development around them. For the smart children of a smart school, IAMPS have introduced Interactive Boards for the children to enjoy the pictorial description of images. This is an effective
style of making children smart and wise with the help of visuals.
•Puppet Play:
Children easily grasp things they see around them. To draw child’s attention Puppets are the most fascinating thing. It is a fun and interesting way to introduce the concept of good habits, sharing and caring to the kids. The puppet play corner at our pre-schools also allows students develop vocabulary and enhance communication and listening skills.
A healthy and active body helps the child build a strong mind. The exclusively designed Kindergym have equipment like treadmill, double twister, power rider, scooty, stepper and fitness cycle. Such fun activities with the pre-school kids not only stimulate curiosity but also support the thinking skills.
• Mini’sCafe:
It is the best age to teach the child about the basic manners and etiquettes. One the most important is table etiquettes and sharing habits. Mini’s café is the dining area where, the students not only learn good eating habits but also enroll in sharing and caring activities.
• Ball Tub
The best thing for the children is to play with balls. It is loved by children of all age group. With a view to make it more exciting for the tiny tots, there are giant tubs filled with balls of all size. That is the Ball Tub.
INDO-AMERICAN Montessori Pre School
•Kiddie Pool:
The kiddie pool is specially designed for kids to learn how to swim and make new experiences with their friends. Drenched in water and dressed in colourful swimming costume the tiny tot’s sense the best time with their friends.
•Tiny desert
Small artificial sand pits pretending like deserts are for the development of gross motor and fine motor of the children.
A colourful and bright atmosphere with lots of toys and posters all around the walls best describes IAMPS classrooms. The BreatheEasy classrooms are solely designed to improve air quality of classrooms by planting plants which not only purifies the surrounding but also beautify and amplify positivity in the atmosphere.
Keeping the point that kids love taking rides in mind an area is devoted for the swings, slides, rockers, rides and mini-wheels where children can play around happily. The small rides inside the play school are designed keeping the safety of the children in mind.

And much more….