Mr. Feroz Khan

Mr. Feroz Khan is a philanthropist, academician and an entrepreneur. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Future U India Pvt. Ltd since the inception of the company. He holds a MBA degree along with Post-Graduate Diploma in Child Education and Adult Education and also holds PGD in Counselling. Mr. Khan is also the member of AIMA, NHRD, Indian Adult Education Association and AICAPD. With an aim to provide education to the children irrespective of caste and class, he conceived the idea of Indo American Montessori Pre School. He researched on several educational methods across the world before concluding on to the model of Dr. Maria Montessori. With a vision to lead the education sphere and
rule financial market he also intends to be an engineer and social entrepreneur. He is a self motivator and gives all the credit of his growth to his impeccable faith in smart work. He is an inspiration for many entrepreneurs, business and management professionals because of his confidence and effective leadership quality and focused goals. Mr. Khan has spearheaded many projects across industries with his sharp skills of strategic planning, organising & marketing.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta

One of the founders of Future U India and Director Mr. Saurabh Gupta poses an experience into arena of work profiles. At such a young age he has achieved the epitome of entrepreneurship. He also has an additional achievement of six sigma certification. His love for children pushed him not only into educating the privileged but underprivileged children as well. His dream is to open more opportunity for education in our developing country. He is dedicatedly following his dream as can be seen in the present arena.

Mr. Avishek Karel

Director Mr. Avishek Karel is graduated in Business Administration from Pune University. He went onto pursue his Masters in Business Administration from IBS, ICFAI. He is a master in numbers and hence looks after the operations at Indo American Schools. He is an eminent figure and the backbone of IAMPS. His leadership quality makes his team work efficiently stand on the commitments and work progressively.

Mr. Vishal Kumar Bansal

Mr. Vishal Kumar Bansal is the Director of IAMPS since 2015. He is also the founder of Bansal Group. With an ambitious and entrepreneurial vision, he has achieved numerous milestones in business world. His great vigour and hard work has enabled the Group to achieve heights in a very short span.

Mrs. Sweety Bansal

Mrs. Sweety Bansal Founder and Director of Bansal Group is a role model for many. Her contribution in the education sector through EduSafe Application “An Educational Management Software” has been remarkably successful and helped the schools in various ways. Her strong belief and strategic planning has made the business grow in her favour.