Winter Care Tips for Children
Winter Care Tips for Children

Winter Care Tips for Children

During winters, it is not only cold, flu and infections that can keep your child low, but it is also the harsh weather that can damage your child’s health. With falling temperatures, children need adult’s attention as they themselves are unlikely to realise that they are feeling cold and is loosing body warmth. Following are a few precautionary tips to prevent a young child from falling ill and boost the immunity.

Drape the child in several layers of clothing ensuring that the child’s head, neck and hands are covered. Babies and young children need one more layer than an adult would wear. Be cautious as the hood strings and scarves can strangle them.

Children are fond of playing outside even if they are feeling cold but bring the child inside if their body temperature dips.

The chilling winds affect the tender skin of the children. Massage regularly with body oil which has loads of Vitamin E and fatty acids. Ensure that the room is comfortably warm and there are no direct air currents. Do not unclothe the child for a long time. Massage gently and avoid cracking knuckles.

Reduce the bath time and use lukewarm water.

Moisturise the baby with a good portion of child friendly body crème after bath.

Sanitise your hand before you handle any of the products used by your child.

Consult a pediatrician and follow a diet chart. Keep your child hydrated. Give them warm drinks and soup. Avoid refined foods and trans-fat diet.

Winters are the time for comfort, food and family. Engage with your child by playing with them indoors and build in a healthy parent-child relationship to be cherished forever.