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IAMPS is known for its unique concepts and educational methodology in preschool. IAMPS is an amalgamation of American education structure with Indian socio-cultural values. The preschool brings to you the Maria Montessori Education method that helps the child to learn and absorb from the environment. We prove to be the best preschool for your child by providing them numerous activities to broaden their thinking capacity. IAMPS believes in learning by doing and growing by playing. IAMPS is comprises of sound environment that helps the preschoolers to learn the right values with a healthy mind and body. We provide equal opportunity to the students by making them participate in each and every activity. A school is just a building for students if there is no special arrangement for students to grasp from it. At IAMPS, we have specially designed concept rooms to enhance the knowledge of preschoolers by making them learn practically. Choosing India’s best preschool for your child is no more a dream. Select the right preschool to build the right foundation of your child.

Learning for Life

One of the fundamental functions of a school is to be to help children think for themselves, to help them become independent by making well informed choices and decisions which promote their well-being and the good of others. It is widely appreciated that successful education embodies such aspects alongside academia.


IAMPS aims to become an outstanding pre school it is also an integral part of the local community. The school prepares the children for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with the skills that provides quality education in a happy,safe and challenging environment in which all child can achieve.

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To enable each child to achieve his/her own academic and phisical potential by providing a curriculum..

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IAMPS is a Local Authoristy maintained Global school.Therefore the school has to adopt the Local Authority policy.

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IAMPS we bring the amalgamation of the two and give our students a unique combination of Indian Value Based Education System.