Activities For Preschoolers

Why Activities are Important For Preschoolers ?

Children learn best while experimenting and performing things. Hence, the most effective way of teaching a child is to make him perform different activities. Activities can promote overall development of a child and provides an opportunity to learn language, physical and cognitive development. Indo American Montessori Pre School ensures that each child is given equal opportunity to learn, explore and participate in activities to make them grow with the same pace.

IAMPS’s infrastructure is designed and equipped to perform different activities and explore new ideas. The preschool has a Montessori studio where the children practice their hands on the tools performing different activities helping them in various developments. The child here solves puzzles, learns mathematics concepts and other lessons. The child is set free to play in the fairyland where he/she can freely move around, play with peers, ride and slide the swings. The child here learns to become independent and make friends. Kindergym is the place where the child develops gross motor skills and incorporates the concept of healthy and fit body.

Indo American Montessori Pre School’s preschoolers learn to work on their own and practice daily life activities like dressing themselves, how to welcome the guests, how to sit on sofa and chair and much more. This benefits the children to become independent and brings self confidence in them. To improve child’s imagination and empower creativity we provide a platform to the children to speak out their ideas, stories, talents like singing and dancing. Dramatics helps the child’s emotional development as it enables him/her to have various viewpoints. Art and craft activities help in fine motor skills and improve child’s creativity. The child gets aware for shapes, patterns and colours by doing such activities. IAMPS encourages sports in preschoolers as it not only makes child active but also makes him disciplined, follow rules, increases patience and encourages team work and leadership quality.