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Why should you admit your child in IAMPS?

Preschool is the first step towards formal schooling and a first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. Children gain a lot by preschool enrolment because they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes there.

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Tips To Get Your Child Ready For First Day Of Preschool

Going to school for the first time is much more difficult than what we think of our little ones. By just choosing the best preschool for your child will not solve your problem until the preschooler is all prepared to enter and adapt the school environment. The toddlers are reluctant to get introduce

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Small Business Franchise in India

IAMPS offering deal to franchises.IAMPS provides a strong support system to all its franchise partners. The support ranges from general advice to specific step by step guidance on many issues of importance that would ensure your journey as an entrepreneur is substantially rewarding. We provide support

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A better education leads to a brighter future

Seeing your little ones grow is the best feeling, but with this comes a great responsibility of educating our child in the right direction. When we talk about the education our discussion becomes limitless and increases our stress level. Many parents get confused at this point and end up choosing th

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Children, Care And Parents

Children need care, it is a universal truth. To become parents in a proper sense a couple need proper mindset to be ready for this larger than life job; it is not even a job but role or it become a huge part of a couple’s life for the lifetime. From the day of birth […]

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Bestowal of early childhood education

Early Childhood Education. During their early years, children go through critical stages of development, and consistent, high-quality early childhood education can have long-lasting, beneficial effects on the overall development of children. Choosing a preschool in which your child will be loved and