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Importance of sports & games in overall development of child

Whenever we look at a child we forget our worries and start to think about our childhood. As the toddler grows and enters into students’ life the daily routine becomes hectic, for which a recreation is much needed and can be attained through sports and games. Sports are given much importance from

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Why should your child attend preschool?

For many kids,the most important years of schooling come before they can even read. The young mind is wonderfully malleable, able to develop new habits with relative ease. And, Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help your child succeed in elementa

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Children need care, it is a universal truth. To become parents in a proper sense a couple need proper mindset to be ready for this larger than life job; it is not even a job but role or it become a huge part of a couple’s life for the lifetime. From the day of birth […]

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Best Preschool in India

IAMPS is equipped with the best of personnel, technology, infrastructure, and the right ‘intention’ to ensure that all-important years of our young ones are spent learning the ways of the world in the most natural and fun ways. IAMPS differs from the Pre-schools mushrooming across the country, a