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Seeing your little ones grow is the best feeling, but with this comes a great responsibility of educating our child in the right direction. When we talk about the education our discussion becomes limitless and increases our stress level. Many parents get confused at this point and end up choosing the wrong type of education method for their child.

With the increasing competition in the world where there is no limit of smartness, the education also has widened its borders and is not limited to books.

Usually, parents follow the trending teaching pattern or what other parents choose for their child. Montessori Method of teaching is not only a trending method but, is amongst the most powerful method of teaching. Montessori schools use a philosophy by Maria Montessori that has existed for over a century. Montessori Method of education has proved to be a benefit for the kids even today. This American style of teaching believes in the observational method of learning. Hence, this method teaches the child about the practical world he/she will be exposed in coming future. Also, when we talk about the traditional method which is focused on social and cultural values is now taken to another level. The ECCE programme is focusing on the holistic development of the child. As the child’s brain development is at its fastest pace when he/she is below six years the programme offers such curriculum which makes it possible in an easier manner. The programme not only concentrates on books but, allows the child to actively perform different activities which boosts their brain development.

Parents often get involved in many discussions that go into selecting the right school for the child. Different schools follow the different method of teaching like moral, cultural and social values, etc but IAMPS is one of such preschool which provides the children with an amalgamation of Montessori and the Traditional Method in their curriculum.

Providing a quality education to the children is not just the responsibility of parents but schools as well. IAMPS keeps in mind to educate each child for their brighter future.


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