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IAMPS is equipped with the best of personnel, technology, infrastructure, and the right ‘intention’ to ensure that all-important years of our young ones are spent learning the ways of the world in the most natural and fun ways. IAMPS differs from the Pre-schools mushrooming across the country, as it is set up with a view on changing the face of pre-nursery education in India. Therefore, the focus here is not on maximizing the number of schools or number of children, but on the quality of experience every child gets at IAMPS.
Our vision is to serve the humanity through right methods of education that bring out the best of each individual. It is a continuous process of imparting knowledge, skills, experiences and noble intentions generation after generation. We’d like to see a progressive and better world where thinking, imagination and action are fuelled by righteous intentions and for the good of human race.

We have this vision, and we’re putting our sweat & blood, and heart & soul into it.


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