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Early Childhood Education.

During their early years, children go through critical stages of development, and consistent, high-quality early childhood education can have long-lasting, beneficial effects on the overall development of children. Choosing a preschool in which your child will be loved and cared for is of utmost importance, of course. But it’s also important to select a preschool that will partner with your family to ensure your child’s healthy development throughout his or her early childhood education years.

Develop Interpersonal Skills

Helps a child to make friends and to co-operate with others.

Develop child’s patience to listen others and to share their ideas.

Make them responsible to understand others need as well as their own.

Doing better at school.

Children who take part regularly in quality ECE are likely to be confident and curious about the world, and this can help them do better when they go to school. ECE supports your child to:

Become resilient – to manage challenges and to stick at it when things get difficult

Settle more easily at school and to get the benefits of education more quickly.

Become life-long learners, for example:
Talking, singing, and listening to stories build children’s language skills and help them to love books and reading painting, dancing, making music, dressing up, and pretend play help to develop children’s imaginations and creativity.

Puzzles, number play, and counting games help children to understand math’s concepts.

Building or construction activities, helping to prepare food, caring for plants and animals, and playing with water and sand (measuring and mixing) support children to learn about math’s and science concepts.

Develop Cognitive Skills

Consistency in the preschool can significantly impact a child’s cognitive development. High-quality early childhood development programmes that provide developmentally appropriate curriculum, enable children to develop specific cognitive skills at the appropriate age. In addition, curriculum that incorporates developmental objectives ensure children follow a scope and sequence of age-appropriate developmental milestones throughout their time.


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