Children, Care And Parents

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Children need care, it is a universal truth. To become parents in a proper sense a couple need proper mindset to be ready for this larger than life job; it is not even a job but role or it become a huge part of a couple’s life for the lifetime.

From the day of birth to the moment a child becomes an adult, parents have to work like a shadow with the child. But here ‘shadow’ doesn’t mean that the parents have to follow them or have to be with them every single moment, children also need and require liberty or freedom to explore the world in her/his own way and by herself/himself. In open field or beach or park or hilltops, the children should be allowed to explore the environment through touching, smelling or playing with the trees, flowers and soil but only thing parents should do is to observe them from a distance like CC TV camera so that they can protect her/him from falling down or meeting an accident.

Children follow their parents and elders a lot. In contemporary urban scenario, the children stay with their parents and caretakers. The first and immediate persons the children meet every day are their parents. So it is primary and foremost duty of the parents that they should and must follow the principles of humanity which can stay as lifelong example and mark within their children. Parents are actually the first teachers of their children, consciously or unconsciously parents teach their children some of the biggest lessons of their lives. Therefore parents should try to be better and honest human being so that their children become perfect human being in future. Parents should always remember this- ‘What parents will give today to their children as small lessons, tomorrow children will do the same or follow the same.’

Love and care is the most essential and significant element between parents and their children. Parents must focus on this aspect that they are adequately giving love and care to their children or not. It’s only through love and care parents can provide trust and assurance of belongingness, and protectiveness. Love and care of parents give the children utmost confidence and energy to fight with all the obstacles of the world.

Apart from all these, parents should respect their children. Parents must respect their children’s choices, likes and dislikes, opinions and views even if those differ from their own choices, likes and dislikes opinions and views. Parents and children should make a deal mutually that they agree to disagree. As we all know famous old saying that ‘Respect othersifyouwant to be respected’, it also applies for the parents; if the parents want to be respected, they must respect their children.


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