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Going to school for the first time is much more difficult than what we think of our little ones. By just choosing the best preschool for your child will not solve your problem until the preschooler is all prepared to enter and adapt the school environment. The toddlers are reluctant to get introduced to the new environment and meet new people. You need not worry after seeing your child behave in such manner. Handling properly and preparing your child for the new surroundings will definitely help you and your ward to adjust quickly. Let us discuss some ways we can make our child easily adjust to the environment.

1. Let your child know that she/he will be going to school

The initial step to prepare your child for the first day at preschool is by talking to him about it. Tell him what school is all about. Speak to him/her about the positive aspects of going to school. Such as she/he can make new friends and will be given new toys and a playground to play.

2. Talk to your child about his/her feelings

The child may feel nervous entering the preschool premises. Some preschoolers fear meeting new people. Talking to your children about their excitement and nervousness will make him/her feel free and help you in understanding the feelings.

3. Make a visit to the preschool with the child

Take your child to the preschool on orientation day or any day for a visit. Make him/her familiar with the classrooms and teachers. This will make the toddler-friendly with the school premises and teachers will also get to know her student in person.

4. Prepare your child to help themselves

Boost your children to do the work themselves. Instead of helping in each and every small day to day task teach them how to do it. Encourage them to brush the teeth, give them toilet training and ask them to pack their bags.

We hope that the blog helped you in making your child smile on his first day to the best preschool you chose for him/her.


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