With the mixing of pollutants into the environment causing pollution has become a major concern for the people of worldwide. The humans have vastly disturbed the life supporting system of the world by overusing, misusing and mismanaging the resources to meet their greed. Being parents it becomes a matter of foremost interest and responsibility to provide a healthy environment to our children.

Our surrounding is a natural world and that helps to protect us from the harmful calamities. It becomes our mere duty to teach our kids to save and protect the environment they are living in. Polluted air can cause health issues among children hence being a responsible organization Indo-American Montessori Preschool believes in providing comfort and security to the children. IAMPS ensures to create solutions for improving the indoor and outdoor for air quality using mechanical and organic filtration measures.

As worsens, its inhabitants are breathing in PM 2.5 levels – referenced for the tiny particulate matter – 2.5 micrometer – in the air. It’s like sucking tiny shards of fine dust-like glass into your lungs.

This is 10 times higher than the safety limit prescribed by the WHO, and four times higher than the Indian safety limit.