Welcome to IAMPS

One of the fundamental functions of a pre-school is to groom preschoolers into the leaders of tomorrow. IAMPS helps preschoolers to think for themselves and make them independent in the world of possibilities where their personality blossoms. It is widely appreciated that successful education at a pre-school or senior secondary school embodies social development alongside academia

IAMPS ticks all the boxes of an innovative Montessori pre-school. Here are some of the points that make IAMPS stand out from the crowd.

  • Globally adopted curriculum
  • Montessori lab For holistic development Of Child
  • Smart class resource center



IAMPS follows a globally adopted American education method in pre-school. The value based on the Indian socio-culture makes it a powerful fusion of two cultures providing the best of both the worlds.

Montessori Lab

Similar to the typical lab only in terms that it establishes a carefully designed environment and allows the use of special tools to facilitate holistic development of the child in all aspects of learning.

Mid brain training

Human brain's left side is responsible for words, logics, numbers, analysis, lists etc. and tends to be more memory and sequence based. The right brain on the other hand is responsible for Rhythm, Color imagination, Intuition, and holistic awareness. Left brained people are seen as less imaginative, and more like followers of the world. It is believed that those who think different bring about growth, and they are invariably right-brained individuals. It is a scientific program developed by legends of the time such as Dr Maria Montessori, Glenn Doman and a few more. It’s a quite an incredible method as it helps individuals keep a check on the dominance of their left brain, makes the child a smart thinker.

Smart class resource center

Black boards, and white boards have lived their life. The modern time calls for smart boards. We have created animated curriculum which is run on each and every class-room through the use of digital boards. We call them smart-boards.


Teachers play a very crucial role in shaping the future of a child. At IAMPS teachers are well equipped to handle child development, have knowledge and expertise to transform the children into leaders of tomorrow. Various training and workshops are conducted by the pre-school for the teachers to give them exposure in the field of education.


With the progress and accessibility of technology, it would use the methods that are no longer relevant. We aid our kids with many products/tools that make use of technology and assist in making learning fun, faster and better.


The culture at IAMPS brings the best of American culture and also ensures that the students develop strong roots with Indian values. The amalgamation of American education with Indian value system encourages the child to adopt ways of different cultures, so that he/she gets ready to adjust in every environment, geography and circumstances.


IAMPS pays a lot of emphasis on infrastructure design and made it in such a way that it acts as a learning aid. We believe that the school structure should attracts children so that they could have an opportunity to learn through observation.