Indo American Montessori Pre-School (IAMPS) Adilabad (Bus Stand), Telangana is an American education based pre-school adapting Indian socio-cultural value. IAMPS follows the ‘Maria Montessori Philosophy’ which is adopted by the best schools in the world. With a remarkable presence all over India, IAMPS is in the race of one of the best pre-schools in Adilabad (Bus Stand), Telangana. IAMPS is situated in a developed residential area, which allows it to stand out from other pre-schools in Adilabad (Bus Stand), Telangana. IAMPS Adilabad (Bus Stand), Telangana offers a well researched and a customized scientific curriculum for the pre-school students which allow them to come up with flying colours. As each child is different, we train our teachers to focus on each student and help them learn. IAMPS emphasis on infrastructure design and has constructed the pre-school in Adilabad (Bus Stand), Telangana in such a way that it acts as a learning aid. IAMPS is proposing the investment in the right direction by grooming the children with a futuristic vision of serving to the nation.


  • Breathe Easy Environment
  • Montessori Education
  • Mid-Brain Development
  • Talking Pen
  • Creativity Arena
  • ERP System
  • Kinder GYM
  • Day to Day Practical Training
  • Parent Teacher Consultation’s

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